How to Light Your Pilot

On all gas appliances, attached by a chain, is a metal information plate that offers step by step lighting instructions of your unit’s pilot light. However, if that info plate is missing or unavailable, follow these simple instructions.

Step 1: On the dial below the front glass of your fireplace marked on – off – pilot. Line up the word pilot with the arrow or indicator mark.

Step 2: While pushing in on the knob with one hand, press the red or blue lighter button continuously with your other hand until you see that the pilot flame is lit.

Step 3: After visible pilot flame is lit, continue to hold in the pilot knob for a period of 45-60 second at which time you should be able to release the pilot knob and have the pilot light stay burning. If it goes out, repeat steps 1-3 until you are successful or if it won’t stay lit you may be in need of service. If it does stay lit you are now ready to rotate the pilot knob so that the word “on” lines up with the arrow indicator and may go back to using your appliance as normal.

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