Frequently Asked Questions

After being hearth products professionals for over 30 years we get a lot of questions every day. Here are some of the most frequently asked.

How much will my new gas stove, insert, or fireplace cost to operate?

This is an easy way to determine what any gas appliance will cost to operate.

  1. Look at your gas bill to determine the cost of 1 therm of natural gas.
  2. Determine what BTU usage your unit is using per hour.
  3. Divide this BTU rating into 100,000 which is the number of BTU’s in 1-therm of gas.
  4. This number is how many hours your unit will burn on 1-therm of natural gas.
  5. Divide the number of hours into the cost per therm you are paying to give you the cost per hour.
  6. Example: 1-therm = $2.00. Your heating appliance = 25,000 BTU’s. The cost per hour is = $0.50 per hour

What are the benefits to purchasing a remote thermostat?

The remote control in this situation is wireless and is the actual thermostat. Wherever you set the remote control down in your living space is where the thermostat reads room temperature. The advantage is that the appliance will only run and use gas when the area needs heat. You can try different locations to set the remote down until you find the most effective place for it within your living space.

Are gas appliances easy to maintain?

Yes. Most all modern-day gas appliances are easily accessible for self-maintenance without even getting out your toolbox.

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